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City of Stillwater earns MESO electric award

Released:Apr 26, 2017



(OKLAHOMA CITY / April 26, 2017) – City of Stillwater Electric Utility has been selected by the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (MESO) to receive one of the association’s Clarence Fulkerson Electric System Achievement Awards.
“These annual awards recognize a municipal utility (and MESO member) that has distinguished itself during the year for exemplary system enhancement, improvement, reliability or other innovative efforts to improve municipal power in Oklahoma,” said Tom Rider, MESO executive director.
The City of Stillwater has owned its own electric utility since 1901 and has owned its generation since 1903. The last generation plant built by the utility was Boomer Lake Station (BLS) in the mid 50’s and it supplied all of the city’s electrical needs until 1967 at which time the load became greater than the 27 MW of output from the plant.
Desiring to continue its history of owning generation capacity, Stillwater’s newly built, state-of-the-art natural gas generation plant became operational in 2016. The plant is a key component of the Grand River Dam Authority’s generation portfolio and an integral part of the Southwestern Power Pool. The plant quickly add its 56 megawatts of generation capacity to the electrical grid, going from off to full load in 10 minutes.
“We appreciate Stillwater Electric’s commitment to Oklahoma’s energy future, and we are honored to award them with one of our annual awards, the Clarence Fulkerson Electric System Achievement Award,” Rider added.
MESO also recognized the Grand River Dam Authority a Clarence Fulkerson Electric System Achievement Award for 2016.
The Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (MESO) is the state association of municipally owned electric utilities providing electric service to more than 400,000 residents in 63 communities across Oklahoma. MESO serves members by facilitating mutual aid efforts; advancing education and advocacy; and, delivering training and professional development

Press release submitted by Jeff Kaufmann from Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma (MESO).

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