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Explainer: Zoning and CBD/Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Stillwater

Released:May 10, 2019


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Basic facts about zoning medical marijuana in Stillwater (Discussion begins at 7:40)

  • State Question 788 went into effect July 26, 2018, after the state’s medical marijuana program was approved by voters.

  • As of May 6, 2019, Stillwater City Council has had 17 application for dispensaries and three grow facilities

  • Oklahoma law gives each city that has zoning authority the right to regulate these facilities by zoning only. However, City Council can’t unduly change or restrict zoning laws to prevent these facilities.

  • Medical marijuana dispensaries have to have a specific use permit, which means it has to be approved through the Planning Commission and City Council before they can open.

  • Property owners within 300 feet will receive a written notice of the public hearings in the mail if a business is applying for a specific use permit.

  • Can City Council deny the specific use permit? Stillwater can’t refuse issuing specific use permits if the zoning allows for these facilities.

Basic facts about medical marijuana in Oklahoma

  • You can’t get a prescription for marijuana. Marijuana is listed as a Schedule I controlled substance in federal law. This means doctors and patients cannot discuss dosages, strains or specific cannabis products for treating a specific ailment. Doctors instead fill out a form indicating they have discussed the risks of marijuana use with the patient and feel the benefits are worth the treatment

  • You can’t buy marijuana from anywhere besides a licensed dispensary

  • You can’t transport marijuana across state lines

  • You can’t smoke marijuana in most public places or in front of minors

  • Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma is regulated by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. OMMA is found at www.OMMA.OK.GOV

  • Here is a link to “Adult Patient Application Checklist”:

Basic facts about the business side of medical marijuana


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