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SWO needs your help: contact your legislators

Released:Aug 24, 2020


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / August 24, 2020) – Federal financial assistance is needed to maintain local commercial air service, and the Stillwater Regional Airport (SWO) needs your help getting it. 

Stillwater regional airport is asking supporters to join Stillwater's Mayor Will Joyce and City staff in urging state representatives to support America’s air travel through legislation. 

This call for help comes after American Airlines announced that they are suspending services at Stillwater Regional Airport (among 14 others nationwide) Oct. 7 through Nov. 3. Read Airport Director Paul Priegel's statement at

"Stillwater Regional Airport is thankful to have such a supportive local community. From the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce to local residents and business owners, community support allows the airport to thrive," Airport Director Paul Priegel said. "That’s why it is so important for us to protect our community’s investments and make the airport the best economic asset that it can be."

How to help:

Supporters of the Stillwater Regional Airport are asked to contact their legislators by social media, email or mail to urge legislative support of SWO and America's air travel. The airport has provided legislative contact information, talking points, letter templates and more below. 

Support by social media

Urge your representatives by tagging them on Facebook or Twitter. Below are Oklahoma's Congressional Representative's social media handles. 

  • United States Senator Jim Inhofe: @JimInhofe
  • United States Senator James Lankford @SenatorLankford
  • United States Representative (District 3, Oklahoma) Frank D. Lucas: @RepFrankLucas

Support by mail or email

Email or mail your representatives. We've provided talking points and a letter template for your convenience.

United States Senator Jim Inhofe:

United States Senator James Lankford:

  • United States Senate

316 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington , DC 20510


United States Representative (District 3, Oklahoma) Frank D. Lucas: 

  • United States House of Representatives

2405 Rayburn HOB

Washington , DC 20515


Sample Letter Template

Copy and paste this template for easy customization. 

Dear Representative/Senator ____________________________________:

As a constituent, I urge you to support legislation that will keep commercial air service at the Stillwater Regional Airport.  This issue is important to Stillwater because_______________________________________. 

Here are some specific facts to help illustrate my point.

  • Fact 1

  • Fact 2

Your support for local, commercial air service in Stillwater is critical because your constituents have benefited by being able to fly DFW and then connect worldwide. (Tell Your Story) __________________

I would like to request a written response on this issue and my contact information is attached to this message. Thank you for your service and consideration.


Your Name
Your Title (if applicable)

Your Address
Your City, State Zip
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address

Airport fast facts for your convenience

Stillwater Regional Airport (SWO) is a public airport in Payne County, OK that offers commercial flights and serves general aviation needs. The airport averages more than 80,000 aircraft operations annually and is ranked as the fourth busiest airport in Oklahoma.

Key Features

  • Stillwater Regional Airport covers 1,571 acres (636 ha) at an elevation of 1,000 feet (305 m) above sea level
  • It has two runways
    • 17/35 is 7,401 by 100 feet (2,256 x 30 m) concrete
    • 4/22 is 5,004 by 75 feet (1,525 x 23 m) asphalt

Fast Facts

  • SWO serves an average of over 50,000 passengers per year
  • Our catchment area has a population of approximately 174,573 people

Our Partners

As the closest airport to Oklahoma State University (OSU), we are a great resource for visiting professors, speakers, students, and faculty who need to travel in and out of Stillwater. In 2021, SWO will be the home of OSU’s new state-of-the-art flight center. We also charter flights for OSU’s athletic teams. Go Pokes!

Stillwater Regional Airport is thankful to have such a supportive local community. From the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce to local residents and business owners, community support allows our airport to thrive. That’s why it is so important for us to protect our community’s investments and make the airport the best economic asset that it can be.

Annual Economic Impact

  • Total Jobs: 663.4
  • Annual Payroll: $26.2M
  • Annual Spending: $44.1M
  • Total Annual Economic Activity: $70.3M

Reaching New Heights

Since the introduction of commercial air service in 2016, the airport has seen continuous growth and 2019 was no exception. We served a record-breaking number of over 58,000 passengers and saw an 8% increase in passengers, with growth percentages surpassing several comparison markets.

The airport is also set to be the home of OSU’s new flight school where more than 300 flight students will be counting on the recovery of the airline industry to find jobs. Our local economy is strengthened by visitors who fly into town and spend money on food, lodging, retail, and entertainment, but Stillwater Regional Airport doesn’t just help our community. According to a comprehensive 2017 Economic Impact Study, SWO contributes to the employment of 664 individuals and has an estimated $70,394,273 total annual economic impact on the state of Oklahoma.

Stats Worth Celebrating

  • SWO has averaged a 72% load factor from Q1 2017 to Q3 2019, which is the highest average load factor for peer markets during that time.
  • RASM increased 3% by the end of 2019, marking the highest RASM by quarter since service initiation.
  • Passenger numbers remained up year over year before March 2020

Watch SWO Grow

Throughout the past year, SWO has made significant improvements to its facilities. Winter travelers will experience fewer delays thanks to our new de-icing equipment. If you walk through our main terminal you may notice a new indoor baggage claim area, a fresh paint job, and the introduction of advertising fixtures. Outside you can see our main runway’s newly completed parallel taxiway system and several ongoing construction projects.

Bright Skies Ahead

As our passenger numbers grow, so do we. Here are a few projects that we are currently working on to improve our facility and make room for expansion.

  • Three-phase apron reconstruction project
  • Purchase of new Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Apparatus
  • Rehabilitation of runway 4-22


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