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From 8,200 to 1,600 in one day: Stillwater Electric Utility continues to restore power to the customers

Released:Oct 28, 2020


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / October 28, 2020) – Stillwater Electric Utility, alongside Public Works, Water Utilities and First Responders, have worked around the clock to maintain core City functions in this week’s winter storm. Since Tuesday morning, SEU has served over 8,200 customers affected by tree limb damage, heavy ice, and related power issues. Though 1,600 are still without power, that number is dropping.

“City crews have been working in sub-freezing temperatures, heavy rain, and throughout the night to keep our houses powered, roads cleared of debris and neighborhoods safe. For that, we cannot thank them enough— these employees are true public servants,” Deputy City Manager Melissa Reames said. “We also thank the public for their patience and understanding as this October ice event unfolds.”

Electric crews will be working 24-hours-a-day in split shifts through inclement weather until all power is restored.

Yesterday’s Mass Outages

Stillwater saw mass outages yesterday, affecting 9,800 customers out of a total 21,500. At about 8:10 a.m. the first of many substation circuit breakers opened due to tree limb damage and heavy ice. At the peak of the event there were seven substation breakers open, affecting about 9,800 out of 21,500 customers. At approximately 8:50 p.m. the last circuit breaker was cleared and closed bringing power to the majority of those affected.

Next, crews focused on the other 3,400 distribution customers that sustained individual line damage and were still without power. Electric crews worked throughout Tuesday night, restoring power to about 1,800 more customers.

Tuesday afternoon, a large water leak added to the series of storm-related obstacles. The leak caused a water service interruption from 15th and Lowry Street to 19th Avenue and Perkins Road. City Water Utilities and Public Works worked throughout Tuesday night to remove fallen tree limbs near the leak site and correct the issue.

The City of Stillwater thanks its employees for their professionalism, determination and phenomenal public service throughout yesterday’s events.

Moving Forward

While electric crews work to completely restore the City’s power, a disposal plan for tree limbs and debris is in progress. In the meantime, residents dealing with fallen tree limbs or debris may place 10 foot sections at their curb or pay a fee to drop off at Cedar Creek Farms, 3051 N Marine Drive, or the landfill at 1717 E. Yost Road. More information is available at

Stillwater Electric Utility has crews on standby to address outages. If you experience an outage, report and track it to correction online at or call 405.372.3292.

The City reminds residents to ensure the phone numbers associated with their utility and billing accounts are up-to-date. Stillwater’s online outage reporting tool uses these numbers when tracking and correcting outages.

Stay updated on weather alerts and warnings through Stillwater Emergency Management’s Facebook and Twitter pages: @StwSEMA.

American Public Power Association honored the Stillwater Electric Utility (SEU) with its Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3®) designation. This means we provide consumers with the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service. Stillwater is one of 191 of the nation’s public power utilities to earn this distinction.


Stillwater Electric Utility preps for potential power outages ahead of icy forecast?


(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / October 26, 2020) – As inclement weather approaches, Stillwater Electric Utility is preparing for potential power outages with crews on standby. If you experience an outage, report and track it to correction online at or call 405.372.3292.

Anticipated damage includes ice covered tree limbs making contact with electric lines and wind damage due to icing on lines. Stillwater Emergency Management works to update residents on weather alerts and warnings through their Facebook and Twitter pages: @StwSEMA.

One outage, due to today’s weather, has been addressed in eastern Stillwater. At approximately 1:28 p.m. a tree limb made contact with electrical lines, causing a circuit breaker in Ferguson substation to open and lock out. Crews responded quickly to clear the lines. Power was restored at approximately 2:13 p.m. Approximately 735 customer on the eastern side of the city were affected. Outage time was approximately 45 minutes.

Stillwater Electric Utility continues to work with a high degree of reliability to ensure Stillwater residents have power during the current weather conditions. The Stillwater Electric Utility is one of 191 of the nation’s public power utilities to earn the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3®) designation from the American Public Power Association for the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service.



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