Getting Around Stillwater

How to Get Around in Stillwater


  • Follow the link to book non-stop flights from Stillwater Regional Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Stillwater has been served by the Stillwater Regional Airport since 1917 and is the fifth busiest airport in the state. The next closest commercial airports are in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, approximately 75-90 minutes from Stillwater.

Bike Riding & Multi-Use Trails

  • Stillwater cyclists travel streets every day for exercise, transportation and recreation, so it's important that travelers notice "Share the Road" and "Bicycle Route" signs as well as the sharrow  (a combination of the words "share" and "arrow") pavement markers.

    • Share the Road. Motorists should expect to share the roads with bicyclists. Many city streets are marked with sharrows that serve as visual cues for drivers to expect bicyclists along routes. They also assist bicyclists with lateral positioning in the travel lane.

    • Bicycle Routes were identified by the Bicyclist & Pedestrian Ad Hoc Citizen Committee in the Multi-Use Trail & On-Street Bicycle Master Plan as routes bicyclists should consider using.

    • Walking & Multi-Use TrailsStillwater is also served by a number of paved and unpaved bicycle and walking trails for non-motorized forms of transit, including the Kameoka Trail Corridor. 


  • Stillwater has two highways running through it: State Highway 51 (6th Avenue) runs east and west, and U.S. Route 177 (Perkins Road) runs north and south. The city is also served by a 7.2-mile spur that connects U.S. 177 to the Cimarron Turnpike. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is responsible for state highways.

Public Parking 

Public Transportation

Report a Problem

  • Report & Track allows you to report potholes, sidewalk issues, street light outages and much more. 

Roadwork & Street Closings

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