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Do I Need Permits or Licenses?

Public Events vs Special Events

Not all public events or activities held in Stillwater require a permit; however, many public events require coordinated city services and/or use of city property. We call these kinds of public events special events.

Special events (which include but are not limited to festivals, concerts, parades, walks, marathons, runs/races, athletic events and block parties) usually require advance planning by more than one City department and may even need to be coordinated with other governmental agencies.

Our goal for special events is to ensure public safety and to reduce any adverse impact on our public places or to our neighbors.

Do I need a Special Events Permit?

Generally speaking, if your public event requires public space (including sidewalks or parks), street closures, public safety officials, trash collection, electricity or water access, it is a Special Event, and you will need to coordinate with the City to get a permit. 

A Special Events Permit is required for all events conducted on city property or city rights of way:

  • Streets and alleys

  • Sidewalks

  • Parks

A Special Events Permit is required for all events that would like to use city resources including:

  • Traffic control

  • Police and fire services

  • Access to and use of electric, water and sewer

  • Waste management

It's required that you start the Special Events Permit Application Process by contacting, the City’s Special Events Coordinator. The coordinator will let you know if your event is a special event and what steps you need to follow. 

Are You Providing/Selling Food or Alcohol at Your Event?

Event Organizer(s) are responsible for ensuring licensing compliance with state, county and city requirements for all vendors. Go to our Licensing & Alcohol webpage for more information. It's recommended that you start the licensing process early.

Content last reviewed 05.12.2020