Step 3

Special Events Permit Application Process

What is the Special Events Permit Application process?

  • First, have you contacted the Special Events Coordinator to discuss your event? This initial conversation is required to apply for a permit. The coordinator will let you know if you need a permit and how to complete the  Special Events Permit Application

  • The deadline for completing your application is 90 days prior to your event start date.

  • Submission of a Special Events Permit Application is not a guarantee that your event will receive a permit.

  • The earlier you submit your application the better.

How do I know if my permit has been approved or denied?

The Special Events Coordinator will contact you to let you know if the Special Event Permit is approved or denied.

  • If approved, the coordinator will guide you through the Plan Your Event.

  • If denied, you will also receive information on why it was denied and what changes need to be made to get it approved.

Why a Special Events Permit may be Denied

A Special Events Permit may be denied for an event for reasons including (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Conflicting dates with other events

  • Limited availability or capacity of city resources such as police, fire, barricades or utilities

  • Conflicts with access to city facilities and streets for residents and/or local businesses

  • Incomplete application or planning

  • Safety concerns for residents, attendees and/or participants in an event

  • A previously issued permit was revoked

  • Failure to pay the balance due for city services for a prior event

    Content last reviewed 05.12.2020