Online Application for Citizen Boards & Committees

Online Application for Appointment to Citizen Boards & Committees

  • Applications are kept for three years; after three years, applicants must reapply.

See below for goals, recommendations and considerations for selecting members of Citizens Boards and Committees as suggested to the City of Stillwater by the Stillwater League of Women Voters.


  1. Broaden representation of city boards and committees by diversity in gender, ethnic/race, geographic area, and profession.

  2. Consider all viable candidates when an opening occurs.


  1. Educate and inform the public of each board/committee, the purposes of each, the number of (and current) members, when terms will be expiring, general responsibilities and hours required per month to be an active member. Provide this information on a regular basis (in local newspaper) or advertise as vacancies occur/terms of appointment expire. Consider developing an informational packet or flyer for distribution to interested persons and groups, such as the League of Women Voters, Business and Professional Women, Kiwanis, and Rotary.

  2. City Manager’s Office maintains on file a list of applicants who have expressed an interest in serving for each appointed board and of referrals from groups within the City of Stillwater, i.e., LWV, BPW, Kiwanis, Rotary.

  3. Request that all applicants complete a one-page application for a city appointment. See attached application.

  4. Applications will be kept on file in the City Manager’s office for three years. After three years, applicants must reapply.


  1. Strive for an equitable mix of professionals and laypersons serving on the board/commission.

  2. Has the applicant demonstrated background/experience in serving on civic projects, community efforts, etc.?

  3. Does this appointment reduce or enhance diversity on the board/commission, i.e., race, professional/occupational, gender diversity?

  4. Consider and check for possible conflict of interest in applicant or recommended prospect.