Upcoming Changes to Bid Openings & RFPs

The City of Stillwater is pleased to announce that we are beginning the transition to an online bidding system for the procurement of goods and services. This transition will take place over the next several months. 

During the transition, each individual bid notice will indicate whether or not to submit online.  Interested suppliers and contractors will need to register through the new system in order to participate in the bid process for bids designated as online.

Once the transition is complete, all suppliers and contractors interested in doing business with the City must register through this new system before they can submit bid responses.

In order to be ready for the change, interested suppliers and contractors are encouraged to register as soon as possible.

In addition to being more sustainable and efficient for the City, the new system will make the bidding process easier for contractors and suppliers by offering the following features:

  • Ability to receive notice for bids targeted to the types of goods and services you provide.
  • Automated error checking - Bids can only be submitted when complete, so bidders won’t miss anything and will only submit what is needed.
  • Automated email notifications for bidding opportunities match your specific goods and services.
  • Automated email notifications will go out as the due date for the bid approaches.
  • Easy, online submission will save time and money spent on copying and mailing bid packets. It cuts out the paper, postage costs and trouble that comes with delivering armloads of paper bids.
  • Bids can be submitted online right up to the deadline, giving bidders more time to prepare their required documents.
  • When the City receives a question, the answer will be posted online so it’s available to all bidders.