Parallel Taxiway

Parallel Taxiway Project

Project Manager

Monty Karns, City Engineer

What We're Doing

The Stillwater Regional Airport is completing a parallel taxiway system for the main runway, Runway 17-35.    

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design): September 2017

  • Anticipated Date (Construction): December 2017

  • Anticipated Date (Completion): June 2020

Benefits of the Project

Parallel taxiway systems provide safety benefits by simplifying operations, reducing air traffic control workload and minimizing risk of vehicle-aircraft conflicts. They also increase capacity, consequently reducing delays.   

Budget & Funding

This project will be funded with 90% FAA AIP Grant funds and 10% with local funds. 

Project Management


  • December 2017: Construction of Phase 1 or 3 Begins

  • May 2018: Phase 1 Complete, Phase 2 Begins

  • November 2019: Phase 2 Complete, Phase 3 Begins

  • June 2020: Project Complete

Actions by City Council


Project Construction by Phases

Conception drawing

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