Rehabilitation of Runway 4-22

Rehabilitation of Runway 4-22

What We're Doing

(Updated 05-21-2019)

Phase 1: Design (Completed)

The Runway 4-22 project will consist primarily of rehabilitation of the runway and connector taxiways and also rehabilitation and upgrade of the runway lighting.  Ideally, the project will begin in Summer of 2019. 

Phase 2: Bid (Completed)

Bids were received in August 2018 and the bid was awarded to Haskell Lemon Construction of Oklahoma City, OK.  

Phase 3: Construction (In Progress)

Construction is divided into 2 phases and will include milling off the existing surface and replacing it with a 4 inch, crowned overlay.  The current lighting will also be upgraded to LED and an old section of concrete that is no longer needed will be removed.   The project is anticipated to take 180 total working days. 

How We're Paying For It?

This project will cost $3,950,921.  This project is funded by two different Federal Grants making up 90% of the amount.  FAA AIP Grant 3-40-0090-026-2018 awarded the project $3,060,180.  FAA Supplemental Grant 3-40-0090-027-2018 awarded the project $494,568.  The remaining 10% is funded through local capital funds.