Rehabilitation of Runway 4-22

Rehabilitation of Runway 4-22

Project Manager

Monty Karns, City Engineer

What We're Doing

The Stillwater Regional Airport is rehabilitating the secondary runway, Runway 04-22 by milling off and overlaying the asphalt and installing LED runway lights. 

Anticipated Milestones?

  • Anticipated Date (Design): July 2018

  • Anticipated Date (Construction): July 2019

  • Anticipated Date (Completion): July 2020

Benefits of the Project

Currently, the secondary runway is closed due to the surface conditions. With over 80,000 landings and take-offs per year, the users at Stillwater Regional Airport will greatly benefit from the increased capacity and efficiency the re-opened secondary runway will bring.     

Budget & Funding

This project will be funded with 90% FAA AIP Grant funds and 10% with local funds. 

Project Management


  • 05.01.2019: Construction begins

Actions by City Council


Project Conception

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