More About Block 34

What We're Doing

The City owns a vacant block in Downtown Stillwater known as Block 34.

Through the Block 34 Citizen's Task Force, options for the best use of the property and best designs for any structures on the property are being explored. The Task Force will then develop a site plan and present their recommendations to the Stillwater City Council.

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All Block 34 general information and documents created and discussed during Task Force meetings will be housed on the resources webpage.

Project Timeline

  • 7.17.2017: Block 34 Conceptual plan approved for use by an ad hoc committee to be created by City Council.

  • 8.21.2017: The Stillwater City Council appointed five members to the Block 34 Citizen Task Force.

  • 10.18.2017: The Block 34 Citizen Task Force appointed by the Stillwater City Council will hold a town hall meeting on Nov. 8, 2017, to receive public input on development of Block 34. The Task Force members will meet with residents from 5:30 to 7 p.m at the Stillwater Community Center’s Dining Hall.

  • 1.22.2018: Resolution CC-2018-1 continuation of Block 34 Citizen Advisory Task Force

  • 2.5.2018: Appointment of Pat Zimmerman / to fill seat held by Kevin Fowler

  • 3.12.2018: Resolution CC-2018-2, Block 34 Trust Authority

  • 3.5.2018: CC considers establishment of a Block 34 Trust Authority

  • 3.26.19: Stillwater Public Works crew members install the base for the wind turbine at Block 34.

Actions Authorized by Stillwater City Council:

  • 07.17.17  |  8. a. General Orders | Approval

  • 08.21.17  |  12. a. Appointments  | Approval

  • 1.22.2018 | Resolutions | Approval

  • 2.5.2018 | Appointment | Approval

  • 3.12.2018 | Resolutions | Approval

Early Design Ideas

Block 34 boundaries: Duncan Street to the west, 8th Avenue to the north, 9th Avenue to the south and Husband Street to the east.

Block 34 Site Plan

Block 34 aerial photo

Block 34 aerial photo