Current On-Going Projects

Current On-Going Projects:                                             

Updated as of December 7, 2017:

  • Turning Point Ranch Remodel at 385 S. Country Club Road

  • Bath & Body Works Interior Remodel at 605 N. Perkins Road

  • Wal-Mart Online Grocery Pickup at 4545 W. 6th Avenue

  • Wal-Mart Market Online Grocery Pickup @ 2315 N. Perkins Rd.

  • Wal-Mart Online Grocery Pickup at 111 N. Perkins Rd.

  • Stillwater Medical Center Canopy, Parking Lot, Sitework and Veneer Remodel at 1323 W. 6th Ave.

  • Interior Remodel at 1517 N. Cimarron Plaza

  • Stillwater Milling Receiving Room at 502 E. 6th Ave.

  • Stillwater Medical Center Cancer Center Addition at 1201 W. 6th Avenue