Strickland Park Playground Phase 1

Strickland Park Playground (Phase 1)

Project Manager

Monty Karns / Project Manager

What We're Doing

The City is replacing the playground at Strickland Park, 300 S. Main Street.

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design):  April 2019

  • Anticipated Date (Construction): June 2019

  • Anticipated Date (Completion): July 2020

Benefits of the Project

The playground equipment at Stickland Park, which is one of the busiest playgrounds in Stillwater, is more than ten years old. Since replacement parts not available, it is important to replace all of the equipment with new, safe equipment. The City recognized that playgrounds provide opportunities for children to practice a range of social, emotional, physical and mental skills.

Budget & Funding

Project Management


  • 05.05.2019: Out for Bids

  • Bids were awarded to the following companies:

    • Playground equipment to Playcore Wisconsin Inc. dba GameTime c/o Cunningham Recreation for playground equipment for $104,633.26

    • Synthetic turf system to Thrive Landscape and Irrigation, LLC for $60,598.00

    • Remaining funds will be used for site prep, installation needs, concrete, sidewalk repair, benches and tables in and around the site.

    • Crews have begun removing old equipment and preparing the site for the new equipment. City crews will install the new equipment and the equipment should arrive before June 5, 2019.

  • 09.24.2019:  Studio Architecture is working on construction documents for the project. Crews will begin removing the sidewalk and stem walls once construction documents are received. After removal of existing sidewalks, construction can begin on a new sidewalk and the playground.

  • 05.04.2020: 

    • Crews have installed edging for turf installation

    • Play equipment has been installed

    • Drainage and elevation work completed

    • Crews will be installing the sitting wall

    • Crews will be working on French drains

    • Laying out sidewalks

Actions Authorized City Council 


Color rendering of Strickland Park Phase 1