2020 Construction

2020 Construction Projects

Program Manager

City Engineering / Michael Stephenson, CET

Visit the Stillwater Infrastructure Map to see where city infrastructure projects are happening.

What We're Doing

After investing in repaving and repairing streets, the city takes steps to keep that pavement in good shape as long as possible. The following is part of the annual Pavement Management Program

  • Mill and Overlay Rehabilitation

    • Main St.:  6th Ave. to McElroy Rd.

    • Duck St.:  12th Ave. to 6th Ave.

    • Jefferson St.:  12th Ave. to 9th Ave

    • Sangre Rd.:  6th Ave. to north of Stillwater Creek Bridge

    • Western Rd: 3rd Ave to Virginia Ave.

    • Hall of Fame Ave.: Ridge Rd to Monroe St.

  • Reconstruction 

    • 4th Ave.:  Washington St. to Hester St.

    • Hester St.:  6th Ave. to 4th Ave.

  • Transportation Multimodal Trail

    • Western Rd : 6th Ave. to Virginia Ave.

    • Hall of Fame Ave.: Ridge Rd. to Monroe Ave.


Budget & Funding

Project Management

Active Construction Phase

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