Water 2040

Water 2040: Water Utilities Engineering Future Capital Improvements

Project Manager: David Barth, P.E. City Engineering

What We're Doing

The City of Stillwater is beginning the process of upgrading our water distribution system, a project we are calling “Water 2040.” 

The project is an investment which will provide immediate and longer term benefits to the city by improving current water service, providing more uniform water pressure across neighborhoods and better preparing for future growth. Water — it’s crucial for the quality of life and the economic viability of our Stillwater community.

Project Benefits

The upgrades will provide more reliable water service and improved water pressure to the southwest area, where water pressure is not at desired levels (particularly during high demand periods), and to parts of the central water service area.

Improved service includes greater water pressure with improved water flow measured in gallons per minute. This is not only a convenience for homes and businesses, it is a vital component necessary for the Stillwater Fire Department to control fires while protecting life and property.

These various advances will allow for development and growth in areas previously lacking desired levels of water service, bringing additional retail, commercial, housing, and job opportunities to the city. Water 2040 will help the City be prepared for and enable future growth. Payne County and the City of Stillwater are projecting a growth of 1.5 percent through 2030 for the combined city/county areas, and the City of Stillwater is anticipating slightly higher growth than this in the southern part of town.  

The project components include:

  • Installing more than 20 miles of large diameter underground water lines which allow greater flows.

  • Building several new pump stations and water towers to aide water delivery and storage, and demolishing some old facilities.

  • Making upgrades to the electrical controls, cooling system, and other key aspects of the water treatment plant which serves the entire city.

The City is investigating field conditions to assess where these components might be located. A decision on the proposed alignments will be considered later this year, with construction beginning in late 2014 or early 2015.

Actions authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA):

  • 06.18.12  | SUA-12-13   | Long Term Study Recommendation

  • 08.20.12  | SUA-12-25   |  Finance Approval for Phase 1

  • 12.17.12  | SUA-12-42   |  Phase 1 Water Distribution Improvements

  • 02.04.13  | SUA-13-05   |  Phase 2 Professional Service Agreement

  • 03.24.14  | SUA-2014-1 |  Resolution to adopt amendment to the Trust Indenture

  • 04.21.14  | SUA-14-19   |  Implementation Plan 1

  • 05.19.14  | SUA-14-28   |  Implementation Plan 2

  • 01.04.16  | SUA-2016-1 |  Resolution to file application with Oklahoma Water Resources Board

  • 02.01.16  l SUA-16-10   l  Water 2040 Implementation Plan III

  • 03.07.16  l SUA-16-02   l  Resolution of Reimbursement for Package A

  • 05.02.16  l SUA-16-03   l  Resolution of Reimbursement for Package B

  • 06.06.16  I SUA-16-26   I Letter of Binding Commitment with DWSRF for Package A

  • 03.20.17  I SUA-17-04   | Resolution authorizing the filing of an application with the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, for Package B Loan.

  • 09.11.17  I SUA-17-28   I Letter of Binding Commitment with DWSRF for Package B.

  • 05.07.18  I SUA-18-15   I Water 2040 Update and Authorization for New Finished Water Pump Station (FWPS) Project.


Map of area of focus for the water capital improvements.

Map of area of focus for the water capital improvements.
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Contact Information

David Barth, P.E. 
City Engineering
City of Stillwater

Water 2040 Project Team

City of Stillwater
Meshek & Associates
Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC)

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