Completed - 32nd Ave. Booster Pump Station & Water Line

32nd Avenue Booster Pump Station & 6th Avenue to 32nd Avenue Water Line

Formerly titled 32nd Avenue Booster Pump Station

Project Manager: David Barth, P.E. | City Engineering

SUA Project No. 15WC06, Water 2040

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What We're Doing

This project includes construction of a new booster pump station (BPS) and installation of three miles of water line connecting the Central Zone at 6th Avenue to the 56th Tower Zone at 32nd Avenue.

Anticipated Milestones

  • Anticipated Date (Design): Design completed April 2019
  • Anticipated Date (Construction): Construction began July 2019
  • Anticipated Date (Completion): November 2020

Benefits of the Project

This connection is required to improve water service and reliability to customers in both pressure zones.

Budget & Funding

  • Year Funded: FY2016
  • Funding Source: Water Fund and Loans
  • Project Budget: $8.1 Million
  • Expenditures to date: $6.1 Million

Project Management


July 13, 2017: Design process is nearly complete.

February 27, 2018: Easements are currently being finalized and bid package is nearly complete.

April 12, 2018: Awaiting final easement acquisition to advertise for construction bids. 

March 29, 2019: Project Engineer is currently finalizing plans and specifications. Bid advertisement is scheduled for April 2019.

June 3, 2019: Contract awarded to BRB Contractors, Inc.

July 8, 2019: Notice to Proceed issued to BRB Contractors, Inc.

January 23, 2020: BRB has installed 3,000 feet of 18-inch water line. The block walls of the BPS are nearly complete and the roof truss installation will begin soon.

April 23, 2020: BRB has installed approximately 9,000 feet of 18-inch water line. The walls, roofing, and electrical work are in progress at the booster pump station. 

May 29, 2020: BRB has installed approximately 10,000 feet of 18-inch water line, including a critical tie-in at HWY 51 and Pioneer Road. 

June 24, 2020: BRB has installed approximately 12,000 feet of 18-inch water line and interior pumps and pipes in the Booster Pump Station.

July 29, 2020: Water line is being pressure tested and disinfected. Electrical components are currently being installed at the Booster Pump Station. 

November 11, 2020: Water line construction is now complete. Site work and pump testing is progressing within the Booster Pump Station.

January 4, 2021: Testing of the Booster Pump Station is complete and the new water line is now connected to the City's distribution system. BRB is currently completing final restoration.

February 18, 2021: BRB is continuing to work on final punchlist items. 

April 8, 2021: The Booster Pump Station is in operation and being used to fill 56th Tower. The City is awaiting close-out documentation from BRB.

Actions authorized by Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA):

  • 12.5.16  l SUA-16-55   l  Real Estate and Easement Acquisition

  • 06.3.19  l SUA-19-23   l  Construction Bid Awarded