Fire Prevention Division

Fire Prevention Division

Led by the fire marshal, the Fire Prevention Division is responsible for three primary functions: inspections, fire investigations and public safety education. The Fire Prevention Division has a direct effect on the call volume experienced by the department and on the economic impact experienced by the city due to fire loss.


The Fire Prevention Division is tasked with the application of currently adopted municipal codes and the provisions contained within the 2009/2015 International Fire Code as mandated by the state and adopted by the City of Stillwater. Courtesy inspections are conducted upon request for permit applicants or potential buyers of commercial structures to provide code evaluations and/or compliance issues. These inspections are of particular benefit in dealing with a change of occupancy for an existing structure.

Fire Investigations

All fires, where Stillwater Fire Department is the primary responding agency, are investigated to determine origin and cause, and whether accidental or incendiary. Responsibilities include the fire scene investigation, scene photography, interviews and follow up procedures.

Investigations will at times involve identifying juvenile fire setters. Cases that are confirmed as juvenile-related typically involve counseling either by department staff or if warranted we will assist in locating a licensed counselor.

Public Education

We are active in promoting fire and safety education for the public. Our programs include the following:

  • Free smoke detectors, including installation and maintenance if requested

  • Fire prevention week activities at Stillwater's elementary schools

  • Kids Awareness Day

  • Safe Kids Buckle Up Program

  • Career Path

  • Fire safety talks with private and civic organizations

  • Health fairs

  • Public service announcements

Content last reviewed 05.15.2020