Operations & Training

SFD Operations 

The Operations Division leads the Emergency Services Division.

Stillwater Fire Department Chief of Training Jory Stanley  

Assistant Fire Chief Jory Stanley

Jory Stanley joined the Stillwater Fire Department Nov. 22, 1995. In 1998, Stanley was promoted to driver and he became a medical officer in 2003. In 2015, Stanley served as the chief of training at SFD and he was promoted to assistant chief in 2016. As an SFD employee, Stanley also worked for Tulsa LifeFlight and EagleMed air ambulance services for seven years.


The Training Division is supported by instructors specializing in fire services, EMS services, fitness, handling/storage of hazardous materials, and special operations rescue. 

Chief of Training Thomas Tharp 

Chief of Training Thomas Tharp

Thomas Tharp is the Chief of Training for Stillwater Fire Department. Tharp has enjoyed serving the City of Stillwater and the surrounding community as a firefighter since July 2, 1998. Prior to beginning his career with Stillwater Fire, Tharp completed his bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University. Promoting his way from firefighter to Driver/Operator of Engine, to Fire Lieutenant, and then on October 13, 2016 promoting to his current position, Chief of Training. Some accomplishments while on the department include honor guard commander, IFSAC certification in inspections, hazardous materials technician, and board member of the OKPERI organization. In 2011, Tharp was awarded the Stillwater Firefighter/EMT of the year. He has attended the National Fire Academy in Maryland multiple times, attending classes that include public education, command/control, and fire investigation. Some duties with his current position include organizing and implementing training for the department, assisting with fire investigation, serving as safety officer for the department, and assisting command with incidents.

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