Working for the SFD

How to Become a SFD Firefighter

Each member of the Stillwater Fire Department makes an important contribution toward our goal of protecting and preserving lives and property in Stillwater and the surrounding communities. We're proud of the individuals who make up our team.

From battling a roaring fire, to making the split-second decisions involved in saving a life, or planning a cleanup of of hazardous materials, a career in the fire service challenges you on many levels.

The fire service is a highly rewarding career that demands physical fitness and agility, and much more. The ability to call on all of your resources—including planning, administrative and critical problem-solving skills—allows you to make a difference. By helping people whose lives and property are in danger, you will make a difference.

A career with the Stillwater Fire Department includes a competitive compensation package with paid sick leave and vacation granted annually. Each fire fighter receives a full benefits package, which includes medical and dental insurance, life insurance and a retirement plan. Some benefits are determined through the collective bargaining process.

An eligibility list is created after written and physical testing, which is conducted by the Eastern Oklahoma County Fire Training Center, 405.390.9591. All interested applicants must participate in the testing process. Information concerning the testing process can be found at Hiring is contingent upon positions becoming available and the applicant meeting all city and state requirements.

How to Apply

Content last reviewed 05.15.2020