Open Records Request: Municipal Court

This page is for open record requests for MUNICIPAL COURT RECORDS ONLY.
For all other open record requests, click here (City Clerk).

Open Record Inspection and Reproduction: Municipal Court


Records and/or copies requested. Provide specific description of records.




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Fees: A charge for records request is authorized by State Law and has been established by the City. These charges are set at a level to compensate for the direct costs incurred in honoring a request. The fee schedule established by the City is posted and available upon request. 

This portion to be completed by Record Custodian
Prepayment required: Yes [   ]  No [   ]
Time of Request:                       Time Access/Copies Provided:
Date:____________________   Date:_______________________
Time:____________________  Time:_______________________
Staff Time:________________(hours)___________________(minutes)
Number of copies:_________(@$________)   Total Copy Fees:  $________
Staff time:_________________(@$________)   Total Staff Fees:   $________
Other charges:________________________    Total Other Fees: $________
                                                                        TOTAL FEES: $___________
Record Custodian:______________________________Date:___________