Parking Tickets (General Information)

Parking Rules, Violations & Tickets

We are committed to improving the quality of life in our community by managing on-street parking in a way that is safe and fair, protects our citizens and resources, and ensures everyone is satisfied with outstanding service.

To achieve this goal, we apply city and state regulations to govern the use and misuse of parking spaces. Enforcement of these regulations is done through the issuance of citations to violators of applicable City or State parking regulations.

Timed and Untimed Parking Spaces

All drivers are recommended to always look for signage denoting whether a parking area has a time limit or if it is untimed before parking to ensure proper compliance and awareness.

Our team routinely monitors the arrangement and availability of timed and untimed parking spaces in our community. Parking areas may be redesignated as timed or untimed parking as needed to help us provide an appropriate number of parking spaces for all types of guests based on traffic counts and other factors.

The purpose of timed parking spaces is to make sure there are parking spaces available for shoppers and diners visiting areas like Downtown Stillwater, Campus Corner and The Strip on Washington Street. Should you get a ticket while shopping or dining in these areas, take advantage of our Parking Validation Program. As part of the program, you may go back to the business you visited and ask to have the ticket validated.

Validated tickets must be received by the Court Clerk's Office within 48 hours, or you’ll receive a notice for an unpaid parking ticket.

Parking Tickets

If a parking ticket is left unpaid, a warrant could be issued and a $10 warrant charge added to the amount due. Once a warrant is issued, the vehicle becomes towable.

Parking Violations

  • Overtime (City Ordinance 29-169): Any place where official signs indicate parking time limits. Timed parking is available on The Strip on Washington, Campus Corner at Knoblock and University, and Downtown Stillwater.  

  • Improper (City Ordinance 29-133-143): This ordinance encompasses several violations, including, but not limited to, backing into an angled parking space, not parking within the lines and parking in a city right-of-way.

  • Hazardous (City Ordinance 29-145-147): Some of the most common violations include, but are not limited to parking in an intersection, parking across a crosswalk or parking within 30 feet of a stop sign.

Fines (as of Nov. 6, 2017)

  • Overtime is $20

  • Improper is $40

  • Hazardous is $60

How to Contest a Ticket

If you receive a parking ticket and feel it was issued unjustly, you may contest it by scheduling a court date to discuss it with the municipal judge. A parking court docket is held every Wednesday morning. To schedule an appearance, contact the Court Clerk's Office.

How to Pay Parking Tickets


In Person

  • Stop by the Municipal Court Office, 723 S. Lewis St.

By Mail using the City of Stillwater Parking Citation Envelope

  • Make check payable to the "City of Stillwater" for the amount indicated on the ticket envelope.

  • Place check and ticket in the envelope.

  • Stamp and mail the pre-addressed envelope.
    The mailing address is Municipal Court/P.O. Box 1725/Stillwater, OK 74076.

By DropBox using the City of Stillwater Parking Citation Envelope

  • Make check payable to the "City of Stillwater" for the amount indicated on the ticket envelope.

  • Place check and ticket in the envelope.

  • Use one of the drop boxes listed below:

    • 100 W. 8th Ave.

    • 116 W. 7th Ave.

    • 715 S. Husband St.

    • 619 S. Main St.

    • 703 S. Main St.

    • 606 S. Husband St.

    • 807 S. Main St.

    • 907 S. Main St.

    • Knoblock Street & University Avenue

    • Knoblock Street & Elm Avenue

    • Duck Street & Maple Avenue

    • 501 S. Washington St. 


  • Public Parking Map
    Includes public parking spaces and time limits for Downtown Stillwater, The Strip on Washington Street and Campus Corner on Knoblock Street.

Content last reviewed 05.15.2020