FAQs for Police

FAQs for Police Department

Where is the Stillwater Police Department (SPD) located?

The Stillwater Police Department is located in the Police and Municipal Building at 723 S. Lewis St.  

What are SPD’s mailing address, phone and fax numbers?

  • Stillwater Police Department / P.O. Box 1725 / Stillwater, OK 74076

  • Phone: (405) 372-4171

  • Fax: (405) 742-8284

How can I get a copy of a police report?

Accident report requests should be submitted through Crashdocs.org. The officer should provide drivers with a Crashdocs card with a police report number and accident date. Crashdocs charges a flat rate of $1.00 per report. Please note that it may take five to seven business days before the report is available.

Police reports may be requested by emailing policerecords@stillwater.org. Please include your name and case number of the report. If you do not have a case number, please include information such as the date/time that the police were contacted, where the incident occurred, and the name(s) of the victim or arrestee.

See information below about alternate methods of requesting records and when/how these records may be released.

Traffic Accident Reports

Pursuant to state law (47 O.S. § 40-102), the release of traffic accident reports are restricted for the first sixty days. We can only release the report to those involved in the accident, such as drivers, passengers, documented witnesses, and registered owners of the vehicles involved. We may also release the report to other interested parties, such as the legal representative or insurer of a party involved in the collision. Sixty days after the accident, the accident report will be made available to anyone who requests a copy.

Instead of using Crashdocs, copies of an accident report can be obtained two ways: in person or through the mail.

To request a copy in person, come to the police department records window during regular business hours with your ID. You will be charged $.25/page. The average accident report is five pages. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. To expedite processing, print and fill out the collision incident request form. 

You can request police records by mail by sending a completed “Request for Collision Report” form along with a self-addressed stamped business envelope and $1.00 (cash or check) to:

Stillwater Police Department
ATTN: Records
PO Box 1725
Stillwater, OK 74076

We do not fax reports, nor may we release accident information over the phone.

Police Reports

Citizens requesting a copy of a police report will be provided with a public report. This is a summary of the police report that lists the date, time and location of offense, the name of the victim(s) and arrestee(s), the offense(s) and any property that is listed in the report. The copy fee of $.25 per page will apply.

Citizens requesting copies of the complete report will be required to submit the “Request for Open Record Inspection and Reproduction” form. This form, along with a copy of the records, will then be forwarded to the City Attorney’s office and/or the CID Commander to obtain authorization to release the record or deny the request. The request will be processed as soon as possible and the requestor will be notified of the decision by records personnel.

Police reports will be released under the guidelines of the open records act.  All personal information, medical information, and other sensitive information will be redacted. To receive a full, unredacted police report, a court order is required.

If the police report has an open case status or is an active case in district court, only a public copy will be released without a court order.

Do police officers patrol 24 hours per day?

Yes. The SPD’s Patrol Division, Central Communications Division and Detention Center are operational 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to provide both emergency and non-emergency services.

Does SPD have any plain-clothes or undercover police officers?

Yes. There are several officers who work in this capacity. Undercover officers carry SPD badges and identification cards.

Does the SPD have an LGBTQ liaison?

Yes.  We have two officers designated as liaisons to the LGBTQ community in Stillwater.

How long does a person have to be missing before I can make a police report?

There is no time limit. The situation and circumstances will determine the appropriate response.

Does the City of Stillwater have a curfew for juveniles?

No. Stillwater does not currently have a curfew ordinance.

Who can we call for current information and/or updates on inclement weather and road conditions?

  • City street information: SPD at (405) 372-4171

  • Severe and inclement weather: Emergency Coordination and Communication at (405) 372-7484

  • Oklahoma State University: OSU Police Department at (405) 744-6523

  • County road conditions: Payne County Sheriff’s Department at (405) 372-4522

  • State highways and turnpikes: Oklahoma Highway Patrol (Troop K) at (580) 336-9880

Can I make an anonymous tip to the SPD?

Yes. Call (405) 742-8327.

When do the Animal Welfare officers work, and who do we contact during after hours?

Animal Welfare officers work Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. In case of an emergency (i.e. animal bites or vicious animals at large) after hours, you can contact SPD at (405) 372-4171.

If it is a non-emergency, you may leave a message at (405) 372-0334, and an officer will return your call the next business day.

What are Animal Welfare’s Impound Procedures for Animals?

Should a pet become impounded by Animal Welfare, every reasonable effort will be made to attempt to locate the owner. Animals that are in good health and have stable temperaments, with no known legal owner, will be offered for adoption.

Does the Stillwater Police Department conduct a ride-along program?

Only those applying with the department may request a ride-along. These may be arranged with the Training Division at (405) 742-8305.

Does the Stillwater Police Department have a volunteer or reserve officer program?

No. The Stillwater Police Department does not operate a citizen volunteer or reserve officer program. Although there are a limited number of reserve police officers working for the SPD. This includes medical personnel who are part of our department’s tactical team.

Does the Stillwater Police Department operate a Youth Explorer Post?

No. The Stillwater Police Department does not have an explorer program.

Are Stillwater police officers allowed to work off-duty security assignments?

Yes. Stillwater police officers are allowed to work off-duty security assignments, provided the assignments are arranged through the department. If you are interested in hiring an off-duty police officer, contact the Operations Captain at (405) 742-8251.

Note: Police officers are not allowed to work 
in the off-duty capacity at establishments that serve alcoholic beverages.

Can I schedule an officer to appear at a public event?

Yes. The SPD has a variety of informative public programs. To learn more about what programs are available or to schedule a public appearance, call (405) 533-8485.

How do I know if there is a warrant out for me?

You can check our Active Warrants page.