Bond Ratings & Debt

Bond Ratings & Debt

Sometimes there are good reasons for going into debt. Some of these may include:

  • Financing projects over time, with a variety of repayment options and revenue streams.

  • Minimizing the impact on property taxes.

  • Ensuring that future stakeholders will pay for their share of public improvements and services.

What does it cost the City if we lose our  AA-Bond Rating? 

The City of Stillwater currently holds an AA- bond rating on general obligation bonds, and tax notes from Standard and Poor's and Fitch Ratings. Bond ratings measure credit-worthiness. The higher the bond rating, the lower the interest rate paid by the City. Losing the AA- bond rating would result in the City paying more interest on bonds issued.

Common Debt Instruments that City Governments may use

  General Bond Obligation Tax Notes  Revenue Bonds
Approval Process Bond election Elected officials Elected officials
Security/Pledge Taxes only Taxes and/or revenue Revenues of the System
Typical Projects Capital or public safety asset Any public purpose Water, sewer and drainage infrastructure
Ratings Highest rated credit based on ad valorem tax pledge Typically 1 or 2 notches lower than a city's tax credit

Content last reviewed 06.19.2020