Submit your ideal City budget

Submit your ideal City Budget

The City of Stillwater invites you to try out an interactive, online budget tool to show us how you'd balance the city's budget. Results are collected and reviewed by city management to present directly to City Council as part of the budget process.

It's your tax money, tell us how you'd spend it!

Taxpayer Receipt

Another feature available through our budget tool is the sales tax receipt application. This application estimates the portions of sales taxes paid by Stillwater residents that are received by the City and available for services such as police and public works. Sales taxes are split between the City, Payne County and the State of Oklahoma. The amounts estimated by this tool only reflect estimated funds collected and used by the City of Stillwater.

Try both features by clicking the button below.

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Speak Up Stillwater

If you have questions about the City's budget or would like to provide additional feedback, visit our Join The City's Budget Conversation page on Speak Up Stillwater.

Content last reviewed 01.04.2022