T.I.M.E. Projects

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Together, we have the power to continue improving our hometown by increasing safety efforts and quality of life for everyone!


Historically, our residents have united to do what is needed to improve our city to ensure it remains as one of the finest communities in Oklahoma. We believe this hometown standard remains true today. 

We are calling on our Stillwater friends and families to come together, share input and help us determine projects of need and funding sources. 

Now is the T.I.M.E. -- Together Investing in Municipal Excellence.

“We all want to live in a safe community where citizens are efficiently served and resources are managed responsibly. Together Investing in Municipal Excellence means a brighter future for Stillwater and its residents,” said Stillwater City Manager Norman McNickle.

TIME is driven by the City’s mission and vision.

Mission: To build a vibrant community for every resident through our efficient services, shared spaces and smart planning.

Vision: Stillwater will be a dynamic, inclusive community with a spirit of innovation, growth and opportunity.


The City of Stillwater continues to identify pressing important projects.

Phase 1: Transportation Projects

Passed FEBRUARY 8, 2022 - 71.1% approval

Phase 2: Fire Station #2

Passed APRIL 5, 2022 - 84.5% approval

Phase 3: Animal Welfare Building

Funding Challenges

  • Oklahoma is the only state that does not allow ad valorem (commonly known as property tax) for the general fund

  • Revenue has remained flat over the last six years

  • Price of consumables has gone up

  • Unfunded State and Federal mandates

  • Changing regulations

  • Aging infrastructure and growing community

Funding Options

The City has two primary options for raising the needed dollars to fund its much-needed improvement projects.

Community Input

The City of Stillwater is committed to engaging citizens as it evaluates the pressing improvement needs already identified, as well as those gained from citizen input. The City will also seek citizen feedback on funding the projects.

The City held multiple community meetings in 2021 throughout Stillwater for the purpose of identifying pressing needs and funding sources to address the needs.

The citizen committee, "TIME Action Committee," has been developed and meeting to collaborate on TIME projects and ensuring residents are aware of various ballot items and important needs within the City. 

Residents are encouraged to attend meetings, share input about projects any time by visiting the T.I.M.E. Projects page on the City's civic engagement platform, Speak Up Stillwater.