Strategic Plan and NOW

Strategic Plan

The City of Stillwater’s Strategic Plan serves as a road map to guide our community forward. It was inspired by and developed from residents’ feedback, budgets, financial plans, strategic planning sessions, input from city staff and with strong leadership and direction from City Council.

The plan establishes six broad community priorities. Each priority is assigned three objectives and each objective is met by three specific strategies. Key performance indicators are then selected by residents and department staff to track and showcase data to make sure desired outcomes are being achieved.

This strategic plan is intended to be a dynamic guide for our organization and community. As new objectives are delivered by City Council, strategies can be created and modified to address these new objectives.


NOW is a new document that shows big citywide projects that are a direct result of the strategic plan. Its goal is to connect the dots between the individual efforts of City employees and the City’s strategic priorities.

Content last reviewed 06.01.2022