Recycling in Stillwater

Curbside recycling services are included in each resident's trash and recycling fees.

Recyclables can also be dropped off for free at the Convenience Collection Center, 807 S. Perkins Rd.

Image of a blue recycling cart with a yellow lid

Single-stream recycling carts have yellow lids and are collected on the same day as your trash, including all holidays. Fill these carts with cans, cardboard, paper, and plastic from the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom.

Image of a blue glass recycling tote with a yellow lid

Glass recycling totes are available for curbside pickup within city limits. Totes are collected on your first collection day of the month. Need to request a recycling tote? Contact Utility and Billing Services at (405) 742-8245.


Visit the Recycling Instructions page for more information.

What's Recyclable?

Every community has their own recycling guidelines, so it is important to know what can and cannot be recycled in Stillwater.

Visit the What's Recyclable page for a detailed list of accepted items.

Graphic detailing accepted recyclables and common contaminants

Content last reviewed: 05.12.22