Bulk Water Requests

Requesting Bulk Water

Pay As You Go

Bulk water must be paid for prior to receiving the water. If multiple loads are required, the per load charge and water purchased will be deducted with each load from the receipt.

Payment can be made at the Stillwater Municipal Building at 723 S. Lewis St.

Cost of bulk water is as follows:  

  • Current approved water rate.

  • $25 customer charge per load.

Water can be loaded at one of the following locations between 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. You must have your payment receipt with you to receive the water. 

  • Water Service Center at Operations South (707 E. 8th Ave.). No 18-wheelers allowed.

  • Water Treatment Plant (1022 W. Yost Road) If you need more than three loads per day, you will need to check out a meter. See below.

Check Out a Meter

A contract will need to be completed by someone who has the authorization to sign legal documents on behalf of your company.

  • Go to the Municipal Building at 723 S. Lewis St.

  • A picture ID is required.

  • Payment in the amount of $2,108 ($2,000 deposit plus $54 installation fee and $54 removal fee) will be required at the time of the request for the meter.

  • Any additional request to move the meter to another hydrant location requires a $54 fee. 

  • Allow two business days for the meter to be set.

Content last reviewed 07.09.2020