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Questions and Answers as of 3/16/2020:

Question: Does not being in Oklahoma disqualify our company from this RFP? If not, what are the expectations for being on site?

Answer: Location will be a factor in making a consultant selection but does not disqualify anyone.  Expectations for site visits will be negotiated as part of the contract process.

City of Stillwater and Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA) and Stillwater Economic Development Authority (SEDA)

Request for Qualifications Grant Services

Issued February 28, 2020


  • The City of Stillwater (City), Stillwater Economic Development Authority (SEDA), and Stillwater Utilities Authority (SUA) seek a consultant to provide a variety of services related to grants. 

  • Our intent is a fixed fee-based contract with an additional commission based component for each grant secured.

  1. Submitting a response:

  • Responses are limited to 15 pages including covers and cover letter. Double-sided sheets count as two pages.

  • Responses are due by 5:00 PM on March 31, 2020.

  • Submit responses via email as an attachment or link to:

  • John McClenny

  • Special Projects Director

  • john.mcclenny@stillwater.org

  • Questions should be submitted via email to the contact listed above.  Questions submitted each week will be answered and posted on the project website on the Monday following the week in which the question was received. The deadline for submitting questions is 5:00 PM March 20, 2020. 

  1. Selection Process and Schedule:

  • The quality of the responses to section D will be the basis for evaluation of qualifications.

  • Top-ranked individuals or firms may be invited for an interview and presentation.

  • Proposals including cost and scope of services may be requested from the top-ranked individuals or firms.

  • If a consultant is selected based on the above, contract negotiations will be initiated. Final contract may or may not include all of the services contemplated in section D and may include other services as might be recommended by the consultant and agreed to by the City.

  • If contract negotiations are satisfactory, the City Council/SUA, SEDA Trustees must authorize a final contract upon completion of negotiations and prior to a notice to proceed.

  • The City reserves the right to reject all responses and to re-solicit or cancel the project if in the best interest of the City, SUA, and SEDA.

  1. The most qualified consultant will provide a response that demonstrates outstanding capabilities as follows:

  • Grant prospect research for public and private grant funding opportunities that may match the needs of the City, SUA, and/or SEDA (see link for information/overview on economic development).

  • Write and apply for grants as directed.

  • Record keeping for grants researched, applied for, and awarded.

    • Recommend and implement record-keeping systems to ensure that all required information is collected and kept current.

  • Regular reporting of activities to the City Manager’s Office and/or City Council.

    • Provide information in a format that is easily read and understood by City officials, staff, and the general public.

  • Grants administration and oversight to include all required tracking, data collection, monitoring, and reporting to the granting agency.

  • Preparation and submittal of closeout documents as may be required by the granting agency or organization.

  • The City, SEDA and SUA expect exceptional and comprehensive service in a collaborative environment.

    • Exceptional service means that the City, its elected officials, and employees are treated as valued customers at all times.

    • Comprehensive service means that every effort is made to provide service to the City, SUA, and SEDA in such a way as to allow our staff to focus almost exclusively on service delivery to our citizens.

    • Collaborative environment means an in-depth effort to learn and understand the operations, facilities, officials, and employees of the City, SUA, and SEDA and to obtain the most factual, relevant, and current information available.

  • Other services as the consultant’s experience may indicate would be of value to the City, SUA, and SEDA.

  • Consulting staff qualifications and references.

    • A minimum of three references for work performed in the past 5 years.

    • A listing of all clients for the past 10 years.

    • Resumes and qualifications of key staff.?

  1. Overview of the City of Stillwater:

Stillwater is located in north-central Oklahoma at the intersection of US-177 and State Highway 51. It is the county seat of Payne County. The population is approximately 50,000, making it the tenth-largest city in Oklahoma. Stillwater is home to the main campus of Oklahoma State University (OSU), which is the largest employer. The City operates under a Council/Manager form of government.

  1. Overview of the Stillwater Utilities Authority:

The Stillwater Utilities Authority is a public trust of the City of Stillwater.  The SUA operates the City’s electric, water, wastewater and solid waste systems.


  • The water system includes:

    • Raw water transmission system

    • Water treatment plant

    • Municipal and rural potable water transmission and distribution systems

  • The SUA provides wholesale raw water to:

    • Otoe-Missouria Tribe

    • Town of Morrison

    • One industrial customer

  • Oklahoma State University (OSU) operates its own water treatment plant and distribution system, and the SUA can support or fully serve OSU when necessary.

  • The SUA is the wholesale potable water supplier to the following rural water districts:

    • 51 East Water Incorporated

    • Payne County RWD #3

    • Noble County RWD #2

    • Lone Chimney Water Association

  • The municipal water distribution system serves over 16,000 customers.  The rural water distribution system serves over 1,700 customers. 


  • The wastewater system includes:

    • Waste water collection system

    • Waste water treatment plant

  • The SUA provides wastewater transportation and treatment for OSU.

  • The SUA’s wastewater collection system serves over 14,000 customers within the City limits and 40 customers outside the City limits. 


  • Stillwater is a public power provider. It is the largest municipal generator of electricity and the largest municipal transmission owner in the State of Oklahoma. 

  • The service area of the electric system currently encompasses approximately 30 square miles, with the exception of OSU. OSU purchases electric power from Oklahoma Gas and Electric.

  • As a full requirements customer, the SUA purchases all wholesale electric power for resale to its customers from the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) and receives electricity from them at four 138kV substations.

  • The SUA owns and operates a fully integrated transmission and distribution system that serves approximately 21,000 customers.

  • The SUA owns and operates the Stillwater Energy Center with a peaking capacity of 64 MW

    • 56 MW of natural gas-fired reciprocating engine generation

    • 8 MW of diesel reciprocating engine generation

Waste Management:

  • Waste Management utility does not provide solid waste services to OSU.

  • Waste Management utility provides a collection of residential, commercial and commercial demolition materials in Stillwater and surrounding areas.

  • Waste Management operates a weekly curbside automated and semi-automated system for residential solid waste and recycling collection for approximately 13,500 single-family homes.

  • Weekly single-stream recycling along with access to the City’s recycling center is offered to residential utility customers.

  • Based on FY 2017 data, the total amount of solid waste recovered and disposed of by the SUA was 24,255 tons. Of that, 1,121 tons were comprised of green-waste materials and 2,534 tons of recyclable materials were collected.

Overview of the Stillwater Economic Development Authority